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Re: Parasitic Drain

Postby Keys85 » Sat Apr 22, 2017 5:10 pm

Thanks. Since it is raining I haven't taken a look at the wiring/connector at base of steering column. I can't find a schematic online, which probably would be of some use, but...obviously this truck has no cruise control. The wiring harness must have the wires for the following which DO work properly: R and L turn signal, Hazard, Hi Wipers, Lo Wipers, Horn, High Beam On/Off....and then the washer control. So you are saying there should be +12v in to the column with ign. on, and another wire, that should register no voltage, but be 12v when I turn the washer pump switch? Only, I should be looking for a 12v constant perhaps and/or to diagnose if the turn signal switch lever is working properly.
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