Nitto 555R Extreme Drag Radial

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Nitto 555R Extreme Drag Radial

Postby XXXXXXXX » Thu Dec 22, 2016 4:18 am

I wanted to start a new thread with my experience with a pair of Nitto 555r drag radials I just bought. I bought them because under boost with my old BFG's I had a problem with the back end of the truck wanting dance around under boost... that thread is here and I suggest you read it. viewtopic.php?f=18&t=40717&p=361335#p361335

So because of the other thread I ordered new tires. I did a lot of reading about the nitto's and other tires. I had a 9sec street car in the past I had tried Mickey Thompson ET Streets and Drags.. I also tried several set of Hoosiers.. After all that for my prior car the Hoosier Quick Time Pro's were the best.

This time though for the S10 I really wanted more of a "street" tire mainly cause I want to take the s10 on some road trips. So after reading till my eyes bled about tires on the internet I found most stuff I read was not "real world" just people saying they suck or they are great blah blah. I did find a few where people loved the nittos.. most of the threads were "dogging" the nittos pretty hard.. words like .. junk.. useless. don't waste your time.. were all over the place.. almost all threads said the Mickey Thompsons are the best etc etc.

So first off I know the M/T are probably the best tire out there. We have 8 sec street cars here running them. But I really wanted a tire with "tread" that I could get some miles on. I started watching some videos and found this one..

That car is about 400hp and he has a go pro and tries out 3 different tires and measures the spin etc... after watching that video I decided to give the Nittos a try. I figured if they hooked for a 400hp car maybe they would work for me. I saw other vids that were similar .. the thing that concerned me the most is I have no real weight in the back of my truck. I have no bumper and nothing keep my rear tires on the ground. My hope was they would "sorta" work and then I could get my suspension set up.

Come tax time I am going to add a set of caltracs and drag shocks. But for now I have to work with what I have which is a set of slapper bars for traction. So I got the tires and got them mounted. It was about 50 degrees out and I had the tire shop set the pressure to 25lbs. So I took them out and gave them a try. Within seconds I was bouncing off the rev limiter in first ... shifted the 2nd.. and again right into the rev limiter. (not good with a blower!!) I must say I was super super disappointed. In fact my BFG T/A Radials with only 30% tread left worked better. (after airing them down)

So.. oh well I figured I gave it a try.. the back end is just too light. So I drove around for a while and after about 10 miles or so... I gave them another try.. this time I noticed I didn't get into the limiter but they still felt like they were spinning... anyway I went home and called it a night..

The next day I decided to check the air pressure in the nittos. I checked them with my "new" gauge which is within 2lbs of 2 other gauges here. It said 35lbs. Now I thought I watched the guy last night set them to 25lbs.. but it says 35 so I aired them down to 28 for test.. This time they hooked.. They didn't just hook they hooked good. I have been playing with them a little for 2 days now.. just doing 1st gear boost pulls. I have them now at 26lbs. The tire seems pretty "flat" across the top. I have them on a 7" wheel so they are sucked in a bit at the side walls. But so far in 6 tests I only managed to get them to break loose 1 time and it wasn't for long.

I must say I am pretty happy and impressed. I had one test that pulled so hard it felt almost like my old 9 sec car. Now I know my s10 will probably be lucky to run a low 13 but .. first gear feels really good now.. also I launches pretty straight. I am not having the issues with the back end dancing around like I did before. I have also done a few rolling 1st gear to 2nd gear under boost tests... and so far it felt good and pretty straight. I had to stop today cause It started to rain.. so after I get back from x-mas vacation I will post some more results after more testing but..

So far the nittos are working really really well my s10 with no weight in the back ... and no drag set up for the suspension.. they also drive really well on the street.. they are not "mushy" when going around corners like other tires I have had. To get almost no tire spin in 1st gear under boost I think is impressive. My 1st gear set up is similar to a turbo 350 with 4.11.. 2nd gear in my set up is close to a t-350 with 3.73. (for those of you that don't have a 700r4)

So that's its.. my experience so far with the nittos is 8 out of 10 for sure and 2 big thumbs up.


PS.. I haven't done any converter launches yet.. I am thinking they will break loose there.... nor have I done a "full" 1st to 2nd to from a dead stop test yet..
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Re: Nitto 555R Extreme Drag Radial

Postby redneckgames » Wed Jan 04, 2017 6:20 am

Thanks for posting.

I went with the Nittos as well. I don't get to drive my truck very often at all and it hasn't seen the track in years, so I wanted something that would last longer. Glad to see someone with good results on them for when I do decide to get back into it.

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