Centerline Leaks...At the Centerline??

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Centerline Leaks...At the Centerline??

Postby Speedway73 » Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:32 am

I've got a set of 15"x 14" x 4.75" w/4.5 BS and 1 of them leaks.

Tires are M/T Pro Street Radials. New.

Beads and rim screws you say?? Nope. Soapy water test says all is good there.

Snap-in valve stem you say? Nope. Nice, tight and bubble free.

So....I hit the spray bottle of Dawn dish soap and warm water at the area in the center of the rim...the hub area and Shazzam! There they are. Bubbles. guys know that these are 2 piece wheels riveted together and some sort of sealer put in the area inside the wheel where the 2 pieces are joined together.

What is that sealer?? I inspected it the best I could with a bright interrogation light (hand held 100W shop light) and my slightly dirty Wal Mart reading glasses and could not find a void anywhere. The sealer they used is fairly hard.

Should I attempt to remove it and re-do it or just put something over top of the old sealer?? If so...what should I use?? RTV??

Oh yeah...before you say it...Not gonna put a tube in it. ( long story). These wheels will never see the track and will be used as a pro street weekend cruiser only.

I'm open to all advice/suggestions.
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Re: Centerline Leaks...At the Centerline??

Postby Memphis » Thu Jul 24, 2014 2:11 am

Centerlines have a two piece design, to seal the seam the factory uses a high grade silicone. Dismount the tires and you'll see the seal. It's truly just a huge bead of silicone, I'd assume you could get it sealed with the right product. JD
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Re: Centerline Leaks...At the Centerline??

Postby Rickracer » Thu Jul 24, 2014 6:34 am

How bad is the leak? If it's very bad, I'd probably clean all the old sealer out with a wire brush and re-do it. If it's not too bad, and you can localize the area it's coming from, just add some sealer there. If I were doing it, I'd use "Right Stuff" by Loctite/Permatex, let the stuff set up long enough to "skin over", then get the tire back on and put 10~15 psi into it to force the sealer into the leak area. 8)
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