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Political Threads

Postby jchargu3 » Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:34 pm

Please understand that we at V8s10.org highly support our constitution and rights given, such as the first amendment. However, political, religeous and other types of threads cause a massive sh*tstorm for us.

A great compromise had to be made somewhere a long time ago in order to v8s10 to come out on top, and remain on top as one of few surviving, and busy s-series boards still in existence..
--We can allow a free for all forum, but those posts will show up on searches (actual searches, new posts, unread posts, etc) and be completely irrelevent to a users actual search for GOOD information......
--We can not allow those types of threads, and keep v8s10.org as one of the largest contributors of information about V8 conversions (bigger, and less convoluted then OTHER sites which we can NOT mention.)
The lounge is a mostly open forum for everything nontechnical, talk about just about anything there and it's no big deal.. BUT

Our freedoms are being threatened, and there is a lot going on.... We all know this, and a lot of us here have become like family, and we want to maintain that atmosphere..... Please keep these heated discussions to reddit (reddit.com/politics), your facebook and twitter feeds and other areas. Please.
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