4 pin wiper motor wiring

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4 pin wiper motor wiring

Postby lowblazin94 » Wed Apr 05, 2017 7:56 pm

This is done on my 92.

Here's how I wired my wiper motor with stock column switch.

All I had was the male pig tail out of the column and I bought a 4 pin connector that went to the wiper motor. The stock wiring diagram was confusing and everything else online wasn't my exact scenario.

From the column I had white, grey, purple, and then a looped pink wire. Those are in no particular order since I had to cut the connector anyways.

On the motor I had no plugs or pictures to reference to since the new connector on the motor was all white wires.

Remember, the motor is self grounded through the one bolt hole, make sure it is a good ground. *no ground wire is needed to the motor or switch*

*With the connector plugged in, this will be from top to bottom.*

Motor----> switch

1. White -----> to white on switch with a 12v source spliced in somewhere. This is your +12v feed to the motor. 12v does not go in to any other wire.

2. Orange------> out to washer pump. This is active when pushing the washer tab. The motor pulse board then keeps wipers active for 3 wipes after you let go.

3. Grey-----> to grey on switch

4. Purple----- > to purple on switch

I have not tackled the pink looped wire yet. As of right now everything works as is. I will attempt to get a picture of a connector with wire colors.
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