2nd Gen guage problem

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2nd Gen guage problem

Postby gsjimmy » Fri Mar 03, 2017 8:52 am

Thought I had this issue fixed, but it's back again.

Swapped a 5.3 into my '03 S10. Up and running, but no gauge inputs. Water temp seems to be working, but nothing else. The dash lights up when the key is on, but no Tach, gas gauge, oil pressure. I did have this fixed at one point, idle is 750 rpm, oil pressure 45 lbs and 13.9 volts. Now back to the same issue.

Weird part is a back feed thru the system with the key in the off position. I'm getting random pulses that turn on the dash lights, leave the left blinker indicator on, then cycles to off and then repeats. Will kill the battery overnight. In the fuse box I get a relay that is also pulsing (clicking) off & on.

I'm leaning towards a grounding issue. There is a small ground attached to the upper bell house bolt (PITA to get to) that I had originally grounded to an aluminum head. Had gauges when moved to this location.

So could this be a bad body ground? (Metal mesh ground strap) Mine is bolted to the driver's side valve cover. Going to get a new HD unit and go from a trans bolt to the frame. I'll also recheck my small wire to see if that is not connected some how. Need to get this back on the road next week.
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